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XJ update

Started by RG89XJ, June 08, 2020, 05:12:53 PM

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Just some pictures of whats happening to my XJ. I’ve got all the parts shown except the fender flares. And the winch isn't here yet. So far the front locker is in. The lift kit is installed. The ball joints are replaced. And the body is trimmed for winch mount and mount is test fitted. The last picture shows the rear half completed. The front axles aren’t in yet because I’m waiting for the new outer axle tube seals. Things are going as good as expected. The front suspension was a real job. 31 yr old jeep control arms don’t come off without a fight. And now I’m back working again so that will slow the progress. But I am really looking forward to finishing it and getting it in the dirt.


I upgraded the lift kit to full leaf pack not add a leaf. As to why that picture upside down is beyond me

Mojave Dirtball

Thanks for the build update and photos. Should be a great trail rig when completed.
Never the last trail.


I hope so. Tried to do as much research as possible before getting started. Its been an adventure for sure. The new stuff goes on a lot easier then the old comes off. And the tear down is completed. So now i actually see progress after a days work.


Nice work, great way to know what your rig is made of!
Rex and Mary


Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. Just thought I’d post a little progress on the XJ. Been back to work regularly so it is moving forward slowly. Got the front wheels back on so I can start torquing everything to spec and take measurements for final adjustments. Also got the winch and mount installed. Still a long ways to go. But its nice to see progress. Now its time to pack up the truck and head out again. Sure hope things get back to some kind of normal soon and the club can return to business as usual.


A little update on the XJ build. Today I actually made a short test drive to check out my redneck alignment. Was pleasantly surprised actually. Drove pretty well for the most part. So most of the mechanical work is complete now. Still have to cut fenders and add flares, rock sliders, and finish front bumper. But once fenders are cut I will be able to do some better testing. Fenders dont like the turns too much. Anyways, hope everyone is doing well! Staying safe in all the craziness. Looking forward to when things start happening again. Take care all.

Mojave Dirtball

Great progress and looking good!
Never the last trail.