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VV4W Meet/Greet - Sat 2/13

Started by RWMWJK, February 14, 2021, 06:38:15 AM

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Good Day All Club Member,

I'm wanted to premise this posting in 2 parts: 1st the ride/trail run itself:

Although the weather was questionable and had a few calls/text's in regards to it, we proceeded given many still wanted to come out.
We started the day with 12 rigs (all Jeeps actually) and ended the day with 13 as Dave joined us half way thru. By the time we hit the trail head we had a definite breeze blowing, but pleasantly surprised the dirt and dust was very minimal to little with the exception of tire dust - and really that was for the duration of the day, so although we took the wind in stride, we still made a few stops, got behind some hills best we could for an abbreviated lunch stop, everyone truly made the best of the day and were glad they came out. The trail took us on the west of Dale Evans Parkway, where we stopped to air down after crossing over the freeway, thru some sandy canyons passages over to Silver Mountain Rd, where we continued over to Hodge rd, where Dave actually met up with us and took in the rest of the run with us.
After crossing over the 15Fwy on Hodge Rd., we went around the backside of the Vulcan Mine and continued our trek thru some additional sandy washes, up in over the powerline line road thru Stoddard Valley, then back down to Willow Springs Rd, which led us over to Dale Evans Parkway and the 15Fwy intersect (opposite side of where we started), where we aired up had some last minute conversations, before everyone departed for the day. All-in-All, the run took about 4hrs including a couple of stops and lunch, so made for a fun, short run despite the weather and want to thank Club Members - Nick, MarySue, Dave, Mike, Danny, Maria, Opal and Wendy who came out - much appreciated despite the weather elements!

For the 2nd portion of my comments:
The run itself was was really not so much about the quantity of rigs we had, but the quality of the opportunity we had to capture and interest new membership. Nearly half of the participants today were potentially NEW members and based on some conversations at the Meet/Greet, along the trail and at the air up, I believe we secured at least 3 if not 5 new members today - which to me was even more satisfying than the run itself. This is what I hope we have longed for, for a while - increasing our membership value. The fact we turned the event into a Meet/Greet in advance, with some great open air conversation - in an open air atmosphere - was able to do it safely, with folks masked up - really made for a great event even under the weather conditions. Just think what the opportunity can be with GOOD weather! - We took time with a brief club introduction (which will be even better next opportunity, cut short a few things due to weather), club office intro and driver meeting before heading out - really provided an opportunity for some great dialogue - and equally what was just as important was the simple location. Location, Location, Location as is often heard in Real Estate - was no different here. As Nick and I were carrying on conversations with folks during the Meet/Greet, we both had the opportunity to talk with a few Jeeper's that literally just rolled in, stopped by to ask 'what was going on, where you guys from, who are you guys'?
All simply because we were in a high profile, visible location - with GREAT open area parking for a lot of rigs, easy access to the freeway, gas stations nearby, food establishments and local businesses where restrooms were available. In any of my future events that I host for the club, I surely want to try and capture this opportunity - as the visibility attracts attention and curiosity - in addition to utilizing the power of Social Media!

As the vaccines continue to eventually roll out - but in the meantime we mask up and observe social distancing behaviors - we have an opportunity to make up for lost time from 2020 and get the Victor Valley 4 Wheelers Club back into one of the more predominant clubs in SoCal - especially for the Hi Desert! With the ability to 'Zoom' our monthly meetings - and the fact a few of the folks that want to join the club are outside of the Victor Valley - but looking for a great club atmosphere to join (which we had comments on as well yesterday), this is an opportunity to expand our footprint as well. We need to get back into at least 1 run a month going forward - I don't think that's asking for too much.

In closing, in my opinion - even despite the weather - the event on Saturday 2/13 - still turned out to be a great event, it really just set's a foundation for membership opportunities as we head into 2021 - something to build on - and I will make every opportunity to help support the club in any way possible (as many of you are aware I'm also doing many other group runs as well outside the club as well). If I'm attending another members run/event and you would like me to assist in any pre-driver discussions or intro's - more that happy to assist as well. I actually have a battery powered PA system for small groups of up to 50-60 people as well if needed.

Hope to see everyone out on the next event - let's make it happen!
Rex and Mary