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Our club was organized and incorporated in 1967 as a non-profit organization for social and recreational activities involving families, couples, and singles. The minimum age requirement is 18 years of age. Both men and women may hold any office in our club. Membership is open to owners of any type of 4-wheel drive vehicle. Our club members pledge themselves to the protection, respect, and the enjoyment of our public lands, and towards the betterment of off-highway vehicle recreation. Also, we engage in conservation and environmental protection projects with the Bureau of Land Management and the US Forestry Service. We are entered into several Cooperative Management Agreements with these agencies including the Adopt-A-Trail program.

We offer full voting membership to those 4-wheel drive owners who live close enough to the Victor Valley area to attend our meetings and participate in our activities. We also offer non-voting (Associate) membership to those out of the area who would like to become affiliated and engage in a limited amount of our activities.

Prospective members are encouraged to attend our business meetings, our Meet and Greet pizza nights, and participate on our off-road runs and/or other events to consider becoming a member. All members should also hold a valid driver's license and be covered by adequate auto insurance.