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Saturday, February 8th. Black Mountain and Coolgardie LUA

Started by Mojave Dirtball, February 09, 2020, 02:35:58 PM

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Mojave Dirtball

This was an easy scenic / historic run.  Rating 1-2. 

Many thanks to all the members, prospective members, family and friends who made this run so much fun.  We met at Peggy Sue's 50s diner in Yermo for breakfast and fellowship.  After a brief driver's meeting, we headed for the trailhead at the intersection of Irwin Road and Copper City Road.  We had nine rigs and around eighteen people.  I did not get everyone's name so my apologies for not listing them here.  We had a strong club member turnout and I really appreciate all the support.

We lost one rig due to a missing break caliper bracket bolt (sorry you had to miss the run Nick).  Our fist stop was the mysterious and whimsical Tonka Town followed by Inscription Canyon, the old Opal Mine, Black Canyon (including several stops along the way to visit the many historic sites) and the NASA F104 crash site. 

The views were great, history interesting and the discussions lively!  Thanks again!!!
Never the last trail.

Mojave Dirtball

Never the last trail.


Great run.
Thanks for leading this, Jim and Cliff.
I checked out the F104 crash video to learn even more about the memorial sites we visited.
Love the historical runs.
Thanks all for participating.
Don & Ann Zimmer


Great job Jim on a great history run  I tried 2 time's to post pics but it didn't work I'll figure it out
Ed A


Thank you for having us. The trip was great and grandkids are hooked. I appreciate the help and patience with my lack of experience. Lots of interesting information along the way. Looking forward to future runs with the club.